SCRY Has Won Florin Awards in Global Payment Summit



Just now, in Global Payment Summit 2018 held in Malaysia, the organizing committee of the event declared that SCRY.INFO had been shortlisted for the final three and had won the third place!

Established in 2010, Florin Asia Innovation Awards has won a solid reputation in global financial in-dustry. Tencent FiT, ACI, Dutch Payments Association, Australian Payments Network, SWIFT, Ant Financial and many other renowned financial organiza-tions have parti-cipated in this year’s summit, and have shared valuable ideas on how to accelerate the progress of intelligentizing global payment and how to expand the innovation frontier of real time payment. SCRY.INFO has brought our Cash-box to the summit, advocating for further improving payment effi-ciency of global real economy by utilizing products built on block-chain technology. SCRY team also exchanged with the heads of the financial organizations on site, discussing with them the pain spots tormenting the current pay-ment industry and the charac-teristics of blockchain technology. A lot has been shared and learned.

In the award acceptance spee-ch, Rye from SCRY team noted that, first of all, we’d like to express our gratitude to Professor Li Guoquan, SCRY’s respectable consultant, and to the recognition given to the project by the judges of the summit. Block-chain technology has natural advantages that can greatly benefit the financial and payment industry. In the path towards the integration of blockchain technology and real payment, SCRY has been forging ahead tirelessly, and Cashbox will be the best proof of that. In the future, we will work even harder, so that more and more incredible products are able to benefit all people’s lives! 


刚才,在马来西亚全球支付峰会 2018(Global Payment Summit)现场,组委会宣布SCRY.INFO进入弗罗林奖前三名并最终获奖!




先ほど、マレーシアで開催されている2018年グローバルペイメントサミット(Global Payment Summit)の現場から、主催委員会はSCRY.INFOがフロリン賞のトップ3を獲得したと発表しました。



방금,SCRY, Global Payments Summit에서 Florin 상 수상

방금, 말레이시아 Global Payment Summit 현장에서 조직위원회는 SCRY INFO가 Florin Awards 대회에서  3등 안에 진입했으며 수상했다고 발표했다!

플로린 상 (Florin Award)은 2010 년에 설립되었으며 글로벌 금융 산업의 중요한 자리를 차지한다. 이번 대회에 참가하는 회사는 Tencent Financial, ACI, Dutch Payment Association, Aus-tralian Payment Network, SWIFT, Ant Financial 및 기타 유명 기관을 포함하며, 각 은행과 금융 기관은 글로벌 지불 인텔리전스의 가속화와 실시간 결제 혁신 관점의 확대에 대해 별도로 발표했다.  SCRY팀은 제품Cash-box는 가지고 참여할 것이며 블록체인 기술 및 제품을 사용하여 글로벌 기업 지불의 효율성을 더욱 개선할 점을 제창한다. 아울려, scry팀은 현장에서 금융 기관 책임자와 대화하면서 블록 체인 기술의 특성과 현재 지불하는 문제점을 설명하고 의견을 표하고 제안을 듣고 많은 소득을 얻었다.

이번 수상에 대한  SCRY 팀 rye는 SCRY 컨설턴트인 Li Guoquan 교수님과 이번 대회 전체 판사들이 우리 프로젝트 인정에 대해 감사의 말을 전했다.블록체인 기술은 금융 및 지불 영역에 자연스럽게 적합한 산업이며 SCRY는 Cashbox를 비롯하여 블록 체인 기술 및 지불 방식을 실천하고 있으며 앞으로도 대중에게 더 많은 제품을 제공하기 위해 노력할 것이다.